Visual Art work, installations and exhibitions

In my work I use different techniques and materials, traditional oils, acrylic, industrial products, natural pigments and recycled materials.

En mi trabajo uso técnicas y materiales diferentes, aceites tradicionales, productos acrílicos, pigmentos industriales, naturales y materiales de reciclaje.

The things are not all so palpable and expressible that they would like us to almost always believe...
Most of the facts are unspeakable, are fulfilled in an area that has never found a word, and the most unspeakable thing is the work of art of mysterious realities,
which existence will last together with ours, which disappears.

Las cosas no son todas tan palpable y decibles como nos querrían hacer creer casi siempre,
la mayor parte de los hechos son indecibles, se cumplen en un ámbito que nunca ha hallado una palabra y lo mas indecible son las obras de arte, realidades misteriosas,
cuya existencia perdurará junto a la nuestra, que desaparece...


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